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Booking Events draws its resources from a community of professionals recognized for its expertise ; stakeholders, who are strengthened by their own experience, actively participate in the implementation of the specification. We are in the position to answer every mishap while maintaining the order's imperatives and the organization's fluidity. The events are at the core of the company's communication. Booking Events advise you and permanently supports you from the outlines to the realization of your project.

Theater, dance, magic,
ventriloquism, mentalism, singing,
orchestra, humor, clown,
drummer, fife player,
fire art, face painting,
Body painting.

2019-10-27T11: 44: 00 + 01: 00

Street performances

Our artists will give the mystery and the enchantment of your childhood's tales and legends to your event. Drummers, fire-eaters, fife players, clowns, acrobats, dancers, tightrope walkers will invest the streets and districts for the greatest delight of young and old.

2019-08-23T15: 46: 27 + 02: 00

Workshops / Animations

The workshop is a place of beautiful energy, exploration and meeting ... Dancing, leaping, growing, feeling and moving. it is a time when the imagination finds its place and gives free rein to the imagination. For its part, African dance allows the rapid learning of steps ... to share and have fun.

2019-10-20T16: 21: 39 + 02: 00

Face painting

Face Painting is an ancient art observed in some tribes on all continents. Warrior art originally, it is today essentially festive. Having made a remarkable entrance into the world of fashion, its followers count by the thousands! Come discover a discipline that reveals exceptional moments of creativity!