Project Description

From Rock/Blues to Jazz and through traditional music, Booking Events invites you to travel from one continent to another. Let yourself transported by the music of you fancy.


JOSEKING is a Gipsy / Latino / Variety group composed of 2 to 6 musicians (dancers on request). It is composed of Fraquito Santiago, Singer, Pianist and Guitarist, from Joseking Santiago, Guitarist and Bassist.

Kristel ADAMS

The thoroughbred of Vietnam and the Antilles, a multifaceted rough diamond. The fairies were generous a warm and compelling voice, tearful or comforting, a precious gift that God gives to those who must gather. Kristel rhymes with plural and multicultural. His ease offers him a rare potential allowing him a diversity of expressions as varied alongside George Benson for a tribute to Nat King Cole or alongside Manu Di Bango. Naturally, its origins push it towards rythm'n blues, gospel, African and oriental music, and of course all the styles that spiritual has engendered: jazz, soul, fusion and the greatest masterpieces of musicals . She travels through recording studios and participates in the production of numerous albums by artists such as Florent Pagny, Hélène Ségara, Robbie Williams...

Thank you JULIEN

Relying on the melodies and lyrics of his songs, THANK YOU invite you to travel to the heart an elegant musical universe full of life.


Celtic Electro Rock: When the Irish folklore wears a garb of electronic sounds and powerful and heady rhythms to train you in irresistible and endless dancesYou know that the mysterious Co is not very far. His violin in hand and whatever the time, the place and the number of people, the sparkling and fiery mistress of ceremony will unleash his incredible energy and his passion for music to embark on his cosmopolitan universe and make you live moments of joy and memorable sharing.


"Fahreinheit": this group offers a wave of tubes of the 80 years. Its 5 professional musicians and singers lead you to dance and have fun without moderation!
Java swing is the meeting of 4 musicians coming from 4 different universes: a musical richness to revisit the standards of the French song (Brel, Piaf, Nougaro, Zazie, Trenet, Aznavour, ... and many others). An acoustic guitar, a double bass, an accordion and a voice to immerse you in the twentieth century with freshness, class, swing and java!
Twix, Move-it ...


SLICE is the group you need for a special occasion or even just for fun! The trio composed of the extraordinary singer Johanna Luz (Jell-oO - Line), from the lead guitarist Pierre-Adrien Marot (Paranoid) and contrabassist Martin Jaussan (Smoky Joe Combo - Paranoid) revisits with a certain class of well-known TOP50 artists (Adèle, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars) but also from the repertoire 80's / 90's (Michael Jackson, Fashion Dispatch, Indeep) as well as many nuggets from the music Soul-Funk (Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5). You will have the joy of magnifying your evenings or events with a completely Cozy atmosphere under a background of acoustic music performed with great musicality, an admirable performance and a touch current.

Leone PAZ

Leone Paz has been in the music since childhood. That's why at the age of 8, Léone is taking classes classical guitar at the conservatory from Draguignan and gets all his guitar diplomas. He will also take piano lessons, MAO (computer-assisted music), melody and harmony with his teacher Patrick ARNAUD, his stage name Mickael Wells, with whom he will complete his training as a musician. This will allow him to quickly put all his songs to music. Leone interprets his titles in a style of popular variety, trend Pop rock, particularly influenced by a great French singer-songwriter, Jean-Jacques Goldman and many others like U2, Charlie Winston, De Palmas... Moreover, showing a remarkable ability to adapt he composes in several different musical styles such as: Rock, Blues, Electro, Dance, Pop and Variety.

The Swingsons

The Swingsons is a band from the south of France, created in 2012. The training is mainly in the spirit of the Quintet of Hot Club de France by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. To their passion for the swing of the 30s are added different influences, traditional music Gypsy, bebop and more current genres. They are inspired by artists like Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery or Biréli Lagrène. Their repertoire oscillates between Django Reinhardt's standards, American jazz, Gypsy music as well as personal compositions, but always with a Manouche jazz accent.

Swing of France

The counterattack of jazz musette. Abandoned for a few years, jazz musette. counter attack ! The Swing of France are the heirs not only swing waltzes of Tony Murena, Gus Viseur and Jo Privat, but also of the collective "Paris Musette" which, nearly 30 years ago, had made it possible to the strapless piano in the front of the scene. The trio brings out brilliantly the melodic power of this universal music, warm, sophisticated and commonly called "The blues of paris". The general public had certainly forgotten, but with Swing of France, the jazz musette goes back to the conquest of the world !

Lester Jamison

two authentic artists prestigious references that have kept intact their passion for music and beautiful work ! Good musicians performing a rock authentic are not legions. Perfect embodiment of a rock & soul integrates to the undisputed scale!


Keyboard singer in different formations, Alzia is quickly won by the desire to compose his own titles. By integrating his personal titles between covers, the style is looming. The influences of Alzia go from jazz voice of Ella to the soul and the funk 70ies: Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Chakha Kahn, Michael Jackson and not the least are the artists who constantly guide her in her creativity.

Air Jazz Club

The group " AIR JAZZ CLUB »Standard jazz style / international variety. You can opt for a duo (vocals, guitar and double bass) or expand your choice on a trio, quartet... to see the professionalism and the quality of the musicians!

Samy Daussat

A concert, which will please necessarily by its quality and his musicians, which could generate a real jazz festival! By producing " luminaries " LikeAmy Daussat, and many more that could be "produced" in your city and that would mark by their presence all styles of jazz in the spotlight! Gypsy jazz !

The voices of Gaia

The Voices of Gaia " is a vocal quintet who interprets polyphonic songss of the world: Eastern Europe, Balkans, Africa, France). In addition to the voices, there are many percussions and a hurdy-gurdy, a rare and authentic instrument. A real " Travel Scene Rich in color, a hymn to the diversity of peoples.

The Baby Doll

3 female voices and glamor go out to meet the swing the 40s and 50s and the rock'n'roll 60 years old. Also French songs, gospel & christmas songs. Accompanied by 1 or more musicians raised to the sound of jukeboxes, Baby Doll Vocal Trio offers a real show in the vein of Puppini'sisters. The Trio performed in concert for the Festival » WOMEN ON STAGE  In Antibes, Nice and in the context of the summer of the County Council ... With Laura Guarrato, Sandrine and Yael Destefanis (Vocal)


Swing, blues, rock'n'roll which then pick up selected pieces of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Brian Setzer, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Edy Cochran, Joe Coker and many more, what a great evening. You will find on their site facebook and youtube all the qualities of a sympathetic orchestra!


ARTISTEAM is an association whose purpose is the promotion of musical groups, from the solo artist to the complete orchestra, and whatever the styles, ranging from jazz to the italian music or Spanish, going through the pop, the rock, the great international variety or the French song etc ...

Alan & Nash

This is one of the oldest Country Group from the Paca region. It is composed of professional musicians who use the typical instruments of music country : Steel pedal, mandolin, banjo, violin, harmonica, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, bass, drums. The group performs for all types of events (festival, theater, dance club, private organization, holiday committee ... ..) 1 to 5 musicians with a very broad repertoire of the Country and Rock swing 50'60 '.