Project Description

The workshop is a space of beautiful energy, exploration and meeting ... Dance, leap, grow, feel and moveit is a time when the imagination finds its place and gives free rein to the imagination.
For its part, African dance allows quick learning of no ... for share and this to please.

Memphis Tennessee Country Dancers

Created in 2011 on the initiative of Jacques Mialon bringing together around him enthusiasts for these rhythms from across the Atlantic, the "Sénas Country Dancers Group" is doing well and even very well judging by the number of members who have joined the ranks which currently has about forty active members. They are Sénassais and Sénassaises largely but also other bitten from neighboring communes including that of Cazan where resides J .P. the teacher recognized in this discipline but also animator of many dances. Very popular in France for over twenty years where she literally invaded cities and villages, country music or more familiarly called the Country.