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Booking Events allows
you to fulfill your wishes

We will write your musical score for your wedding to make that day your happiness melody. We will put to music your dream, your criteria, your projects. At your disposal, we will compose every tune of the most beautiful day of your life.

From the ceremony, whether it is religious or secular, or even under the sea, to personalized dance steps by a private teacher, we can create anything for you, as big as you dreams... And also from the earth to the sky thanks to our drone assisted photographer...


Dream it, live it, love it...
Booking Events provides you expertize, enthusiasm, passion, and excellence

• For total coordination, Booking Events adapts to your style. We turn every detail of the celebration of your wedding into a customized design through perfect planning. We help you to find the ideal place, florist, stationery, invitation cards, caterer, photographer and much more. Booking Events is by your side every instant, from the choice of the dress to the welcoming of your family.
• For partial coordination, Booking Events harmonizes and manages all the ingredients that will turn you Day D into the most joyful day.
• For coordination on your wedding day, Booking Events also stands by your side. We endeavor to put the Bride at ease during her preparation, we will take care of all the detail of this very special day. Our seamless and flawless experience will assure every detail.
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“I didn't know that everything could suddenly exist only because another one existed !”

The phrase of the day

“I didn't know that the Earth could be beautiful, now I know it is beautiful since it carries you !”

The phrase of the day

“I didn't know that the face of someone else could contain the whole universe, that his look suddenly firm could turn all the lights off and turn the stars back on one by one by welcoming mine.”

The phrase of the day

Wedding stories

Remarquable, original or simply tender, stories to dream

2410, 2018


For more than 30 years NEWLOOCK acquires a know-how and a mastery in the fields of creation, fashion, advertising, and different worlds such as events, marriage and many other themes that complement its activity. From Cape Town to Miami, Marrakech to Barcelona and Paris to Monaco NEWLOOCK expresses the art and the way through the personality of each brand, each collection. " Passion is always right!". Contact BOOKING-EVENTS.

1403, 2018

The magician

We are dreamers, we wished for a somewhat magical wedding, with something mysterious. A different wedding that resembles us, we wanted to surprise and be surprised. On Booking Events' suggestion, we chose to call a magician to bring a spirit of love and mystery that will leave a memory as surprising as it is original. With subtility, humor, and discretion when it was required, the magician and his team supported us from the beginning to the end of the ceremony, passing from table to table, and creating a link between each of us. That link, it is what will stay indelibly into our hearts, in memory of this ceremony.

1403, 2018

The divers

We are two sea, ocean lovers. The Big Blue is our life as it is our dreams. We wanted to get married underwater, our clothes were adapted, and a small number of guests were able to follow us underwater, our wedding witnesses were our closest friends, diving enthusiasts like us. The rest of the guests waited for us on the beach, but they were able to follow our salted kiss union by video. It took place in a setting sun, the most beautiful of lights, the most romantic. The celebration took place on the sand, in the softness of summer and a Tahitian atmosphere ; flower necklaces for everyone, convivial atmosphere, we had traveled together and nothing will ever seem more beautiful than this moment.

1403, 2018

The bikers

A bikers' wedding, our dream... For us, riding a bike was both a passion and a freedom symbol. Impossible for us to imagine another way to get married. We arrived in a Sidecar, I had chosen an all-red floral decoration. Bike and red roses, here is a glamorous and adventurous theme that matched both of us. Our biker friends escorted us to the reception room ; the guests' seats were marked by miniature bikes, the country orchestra welcomed us playing “stand by your man” enjoyable atmosphere guarantied, we all loved it. A lasting impression for us is when the Harley Davidson shaped cake arrived ; the violin accompanied us, we started the dance, then performed by everyone as in Wyoming. Our guests went along, it was perfect. It was our wedding, a wedding alike us.

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