Project Description

The performances presented by Booking Events are as varied as they are surprising. They dive you into the universe of cabaret, of dance, of performances for children, of magic, of mentalism... and they invite you to dream and to relax.


4 to 15 people on stage, depending on the project, the stage area and the budget! You will see, the perfectionism, these dancers and beautiful costumes that will give even more impact to the show you will discover!
Whether it's a cabaret or a children's show, like Alice in Wonderland ! of the Magic, of Dream !, and especially artists who have performances in GRS and other specialties that will give even more dynamism. They also occur on stilts in wanderings. Mastery of the art of fire, juggling, Fan, gogo dancer, pole dance ...

Yvana Event

To animate your exhibitions, conventions, seminars, our team of professionals will bring you the fairy touch which perfectly adapts to your activity: Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical companies, Cosmetology, Luxury brand, Automobiles, IT, Large distribution ...
To cheer up these events choose our "à la carte" animations : Fashion show on show, Intervention in costumes, or become the star of an evening in an innovative and interactive concept. Thanks to these communication tools we will raise the enthusiasm and the adhesion of your partners.
For your Events internals, gala evenings, Christmas trees, nWe design tailor-made animations to give your reception a special color and flavor. For your small or large events do not hesitate to contact us Yvana Event will work tailor-made for you.