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With Booking Events, you are assured with seamless organization and reactivity. No matter whether you are a Professional or an Individual, Booking Events supports you through every step of the realization of your event. Benefiting from an experimented network of partners, we answer a large range of ideas and wishes. Whether it implies animating a convention, a colloquium, a fair, a general public manifestation, an exhibition, a trade show, a wedding, a birthday or a birth, Booking Events shall endeavor to ensure the smooth functioning of your event.

The serious of our approach guarantees you unforgettable emotional moments, Booking Events facilitating the task and offering you turnkey services.

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August 2020

August 15, 2020, musical stroll in Saint-Raphaël

From 8 pm to 11 pm, with "acquapazza" the Italian song is in the spotlight and this new formation pays homage to "bel canto". Through “giuvanne cu 'a' chitarra” a typical character that can be found in the picturesque streets of Italian cities.

January 2020

Chinese New Year at Bandol Casino

On January 25, the Chinese New Year celebration took place at the Casino in Bandol. Many of you participated in the entertainment until very late in the evening. Booking Events hopes that you have been delighted by the services of our artists.

Christmas parade in the streets of Saint-Raphaël

Many of you joined us in the streets of Saint-Raphaël during this parade. Superheroes, tightrope walkers, stilt walkers, dancers, jugglers animated an evening full of surprises. Booking-events of course organized this show, for the happiness of all.

November 2019

December 14th at Pontet

Booking-Events will be responsible for animating the Christmas tree of the city. A fairy universe in which a princess falls in love with a superhero.

December 5th on Le Pontet

at the alumni meal, five dancers on stilts and a DJ "BRUCE" will present a show for everyone. Booking-Events will ensure the smooth running of this event.

A creation adapted to your desires

by a rich and imaginative writing

With a team that matches your expectations, Booking Events introduces itself as the architect of a well-orchestrated adventure.

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